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is a French designer of high quality multi-media systems and leader for waterproof television, mirror television, customized products and Sauna TV. AGATH television sets have hotel mode and are compatible with any kind of set top box. They have a patented solution to control the set top boxes. AGATH offers touch screens compatible with AMX.

More than 200 integrators worldwide prefer AGATH products. AGATH has also more a lot of prestigious references hotels and yachts, well-known commercial and residential projects. AGATH is totally dedicated to technology, and its entire team only has one ambition: to offer you the very best sound and image, irrespective of your requirements or limitations.

The possibilities are virtually unlimited, as custom systems, to meet your individual needs, is one of company’s acknowledged specialties. AGATH shall always be driven by the principles of technical innovation, stringency, design and product quality.




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