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is a family-owned and operated company that was founded on the mission of creating custom designed home theater and luxury seating products that blend technology, design, comfort and luxury with quality craftsmanship and the finest materials available. Handcrafted in Belgium- adored worldwide. 

Aesthetic design Design is not just a fashion instrument for CINEAK, but a corporate philosophy and a management tool. All of designs are unique, innovative, and timeless. Ultimate comfort In addition to aesthetic design, CINEAK products encompass a high-level of comfort by maintaining close attention to ergonomics and to the quality of materials that are utilized. 

Luxury The extent of customization and personalization of CINEAK products coupled with the amount of options that can be added, defines a new level of personalized luxury seating. Craftsmanship All of CINEAK products are hand-built and hand-finished at European ISO-9002 certified facilities by the best artists and crafts people in the industry.

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