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is changing the way walls look & function by integrating electronic devices and interior design. Wall-Smart flush wall mounts combine functional control & aesthetic design to seamlessly integrate into any wall.

Wall-Smart offers flush mounts for tablets, touch screens, keypads and switches by the world-leading companies in the Connected Home industry such as AMX, Apple, Basalte, Berker, Clipsal, Control4, CONTROLtronic, Crestron, Dakanimo, Dell, Dynalite, Elan, HDL, Honeywell, Lithoss, Lutron, MDT, Mode Lightning, Niles, PCS, Rako, RTI, Savant, Schneider Electric, SpeakerCraft, URC, Vantage, Vitrum, Zennio and many more.

Wall-Smart has implemented a unique mass customization approach, and has proven its ability to provide custom flush mount for any control interface launched in the market with a very short turnaround time. 



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