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is an leading wireless music streaming product company and manufacturer. iEAST wireless audio system allows users to stream their Hi-Fi music from their favorite smart devices, such as android phone or tablet, iPhone, iPad, Mac or personal PC. Besides play personal local library, iEAST also provides massive online music or tunes services for our users, such as Spotify, Pandora, iHeartRadio, TuneIn, QQ Music, Tidal. More service will coming by global online update, which offers our users get access to millions of music and tunes.

iEAST company has 150 R&D staff only working on Wi-Fi Audio development* Technology used by such companies as Mashall and AudioPro.

iEAST SoundStream - Wireless Multi-Room Hi-FI Music Streamer

iEAST SoundStream is an innovative wireless audio adapter which can turn your current speakers, soundbar, home theater into a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System by connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. The specialized iOS and Android applications offer you the easiest way to set up a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System. SoundStream also provides the most powerful playback option, which allows you to stream synchronized music or different music from cellphone/online music service/NAS/UPNP Network in multiple rooms with a perfect sound based on ESS DAC.


M20 Wireless Multi-Room Sound Streamer


Connects to your traditional active speakers or external amplifiers
Connects to active speakers, iEAST SoundStream will turn your traditional audio system into wireless, which allows you to control the wireless audio system in much more convenient way.

Easy setup
iEAST SoundStream doesnot require technical or wireless expertise. Connect the iEAST SoundStream to active speakers in the room where you want to play music, connect to your home WiFi network with the iEAST Play application, which provides simple on-screen prompts and voice prompts. With several steps, you will be playing music in few minutes.

Control all your music with your smartphone, tablets
Free iEAST Play applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and Mac let you comfortably control your audio system from the palm of your hand. Download the iEAST Play application of iOS version from App Store and Android version from Google Play.

Multi-room control
1) Play the same song in every room in perfect sync.
If you have multiple speakers that connect to iEAST M20, You can easily group the devices and stream the same song to all rooms in perfect synchronization.
2) Stream different songs to every room, at the same time
You can tune into a radio station in kitchen, play a song from online music service to bedroom, stream local music from cellphone memory to living room in simultaneous way.

Multi-zone control
You can group different devices to different zones, each zone can play different songs.

Sleep timer
You can set the time on the application to turn off the streaming automatically in case you fall asleep or you only want to listen to music for certain time. This also makes your life more energy-saving.

Alarm clock
Set the alarm to wake up your favorite music or radio station automatically in one room or all rooms.


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