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Without any doubts it is one of the world's best wireless headphones brands. 

Here at PENDULUMIC, we are proud to say, we do one thing and we have one focus. We are dedicated to liberating high-quality audio from the constraints of cables and hardware. To perfecting the art and science of wireless fidelity. And to combining user-centric design and audiophile-level sound with the highest manufacturing precision. All driven by a passionate desire to maximize musical enjoyment, without limitations of place, performance, or price.

We create for others what we most desire for ourselves, and are dedicated to continuously innovating, creating, fulfilling – then exceeding – the aspirations inherent in our company theme: “Wireless Freedom Never Sounded So Good”.

We count on constructive criticism and honest feedback from our various audiences to help us craft new and better ways of maximizing their personal audio experience. We actively seek such information-positive and otherwise - because we know with certainty it carries the highest possible value. As such, we seek to engage in “Peer-to-Peer” conversations in all media and face-to-face interactions, conversing in a straightforward, expert, “insider” manner.

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