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Leatherman MUT

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Multitool Leatherman MUT

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16 Tools.

   The Leatherman MUT is the first multi-tool that functions as both a tactical and practical tool for military, LE, or civilian shooters. The MUT features multiple areas on the tool threaded for cleaning rods and brushes and all the screwdriver bits are sized for standard military and civilian sighting adjustment work. Also built into the design of the tool is the flexibility to replace the most commonly used parts on the spot, using a simple Torx #8, keeping down-time to a minimum. With all this, a MOLLE sheath and scope adjustment wrench included, the Leatherman MUT may very well be the most efficient and useful piece in your kit.


   We take extraordinary measures so your Leatherman product will give you many years of dependable service. If it doesn't, we will gladly repair or replace it, at our discretion, with one of equal or greater value under our 25-year guarantee for tools and 10-year guarantee for lights. This warranty does not cover abuse, alteration, theft, loss, or unauthorized and/or unreasonable use of your Leatherman product. This warranty does not cover sheaths, accessories, imprinting, color finishes, cleaning, or sharpening.



An improved, high-carbon (HC) form of 420 stainless steel that works well with high production tooling. 420HC's strength is optimized in Leatherman multi-tools by heat treatment.


A high carbon, high alloy, and corrosion resistant stainless steel that holds its edge three times as long as 420 stainless steel. This steel is used on some premium Leatherman tool features, such as knife blades and wire cutters.


Bronze bushings are used in most Leatherman multi-tools with outside accessible tools. Located at pivot points, bushings allow a much smoother opening. Bronze is also used in specific tools such as the carbon scraper on the MUT and MUT EOD, where a slightly softer metal is preferred so it won't scar other parts during use.


Black oxide is a powder-based metal coating. Ideal for situations where giving away a position would be costly, it is widely used by the military for its effectiveness in reducing glare and reflection.


 1) Needlenose Pliers
 2) Regular Pliers
 3) 154CM Replaceable Wire Cutters
 4) 154CM Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
 5) Stranded-wire Cutters
 6) Electrical Crimper
 7) 420HC Combo Knife
 8) Saw
 9) Replaceable Cutting Hook
10) Hammer
11) Bolt Override Tool
12) Replaceable Bronze Carbon Scraper
13) #8-32 Cleaning Rod/Brush Adapter
14) Replaceable Firearm Disassembly Punch
15) Carabiner/Bottle Opener
16) Large Bit Driver

CLOSED LENGTH: 5 in | 12.7 cm
WEIGHT: 11.2 oz | 317.5 g

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