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iEAST M20 SoundStream Basic

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M20 SoundStream Basic

Wi-Fi multi-zone audio streaming system connects to any existing speaker, soundbar or home music system, free app available for iOS/Android/PC, 24 bit decoding, ESS Sabre HiFi DAC,multiple stream/source options, supports 3rd party music services, playlist selector, music clock and timer, left/right speaker pairing and WPS quick connect. Includes USB power supply, USB power adapter cable and 3.5mm male to 2 x RCA male audio adapter cable. Output: 3.5mm stereo, optical.

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iEAST SoundStream - Wireless Multi-Room HiFI Music Streamer

iEAST SoundStream is an innovative wireless audio adapter which can turn your current speakers, soundbar, home theater into a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System by connecting to your home Wi-Fi network. The specialized iOS and Android applications offer you the easiest way to set up a Wireless Multi-Room Sound System. SoundStream also provides the most powerful playback option, which allows you to stream synchronized music or different music from cellphone/online music service/NAS/UPNP Network in multiple rooms with a perfect sound based on ESS DAC.





Stream same or different music to all speaker in your house



One Touch to Play

One click to play your favorite music playlist without using your phone



Stream Lossless Audio

Stream your HiFI Music to your speakers


Massive Music Services



Spotify                     Pandora                     Tunein


iHeartRadio                      Tidal                             QQMusic                        TTPOD



More Functions

iEAST keep developing new features and offer global online update to all users in the worldwide.

 Airplay         Music Alarm          Timing Sleeper          Stereo Pair

  One Touch to Play      Ethernet       Play from NAS       Play from USB


Product Family - All products can group up as a multiroom system


Mid Streamer. 2.4G Wi-Fi, External Wi-Fi Antenna (AP). 

Stereo/optical output. 

Aluminium Brushing Casing. 

10M/100M LAN. 

MultiRoom/Multi Group/Multi-User. 

Airplay, DLNA, Spotify Connect. 

All features managed by APP. 

Power adapter, RCA cable, AUX cable included.

iEAST ! The Great Wireless Multi-room Sound System For Fibaro. 

iEAST is a leading wireless multi-room sound system brand, offering an comprehensive product line for integration market.

iEAST family products


Our advantages comparing to SONOS system


Control Overview

Fibaro support





– Multi-Room Functionality.

– Show album info and song status

– Define your own internet radio station

– Full navigation control of music

– Stream from you USB storage device

– Voice for even notification

– Stream from external analog input source













– Stream from USB storage

– Full navigation control of music

– Stream from external analog input source

– Voice message turn on/off









2017.01.08 16:44

Sprzęt ok ,pozwala na rozszerzenie,domowego centrum rozrywki jako uzupełnienie wieży,wzmacniacza itp.Polecam

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