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Gorenje GCM712X

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Built-in oven with microwave function
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Stainless Steel


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Designed to be different

Glass and steel; stainless steel and black; these combinations evoke the sense of the real thing at first sight. Ergonomic handles and knobs round out the sophistication of design and technology of the appliances whose uniform appearance ties the room together into a harmonious whole. The Gorenje+ line is designed to allow a number of different layouts and combinations. Regardless of whether the appliances are stacked into a column or laid out in a row, square, or a T-shape, they will endow your kitchen with a new sense of harmony.
Several levels for more treats

Cooking several dishes at once? Why not? Gorenje+ ovens allow arranging the baking sheets in five different height levels, and baking on three at the same time. The advantages of multi-level cooking truly shine bright in combination with the MultiFlow360° system which makes sure the food is done evenly, as well as faster with lower power consumption.


Pyrolytic cleaning

Top models of Gorenje+ ovens also feature the pyrolytic cleaning function that allows you to keep your oven spotlessly clean in a perfectly simple way: using high temperature of up to 500 °C. No special preparation is required: oven cavity, baking trays, and wire guides are coated with the new ultra-durable SilverMatte enamel, which means you can leave them inside the oven during pyrolytic cleaning. The process is perfectly safe: oven door is automatically locked during the cleaning process and their four-layer heat-reflective glazing, combined with superior insulation, prevents undesired heating of the oven exterior or transfer of heat to the adjacent furniture. Three levels of cleaning intensity are available, depending on how heavily soiled the oven is. After cleaning, simply clean the remaining dirt with a damp cloth. That's all! The oven is perfectly clean in an environmentally friendly and impeccable way.

HomeCHEF: plus at the touch of your fingertips

The HomeCHEF interface makes every choice a breeze, including the advanced settings employed by seasoned chefs who break down the cooking process into several intricate steps. The interactive colour TFT display allows full touch control. Simply slide your finger to flip through the colour photos of dishes and recipes and make logical settings in the menus. Choose your preferred language and enjoy the clear and neat layout. Cutting edge control system is based on the state-of-the-art technological and design solutions.



Convenience: plus for harmony

Gorenje+ appliances are designed to work in unison. Harmony starts with control: all appliances are controlled by the same principles, using the instantly logical interfaces. Interior equipment is also in sync: baking sheets and trays, meat probes and other accessories can be switched between appliances regardless of their size or your choice of cooking methods. Perfect visual harmony is a plus unto itself. Regardless of your individual choice of appliances, the whole will be in perfect tune.




Volume: plus for capacity

Gorenje+ ovens with internal volume of up to 75 litres are among the largest in the market. Innovative solutions in oven design allow the appliance to maintain standard outside dimensions yet accommodate larger baking trays than before. As a result, you can cook more food on each tray. Moreover, the trays can be placed on five height levels! New air injection and circulation solutions MultiFlow 360 lead to better and more even cooking results than before.



HomeMade: perfect plus!

Gorenje+ ovens feature a special rounded shape of cavity walls and ceiling based on Gorenje's patented HomeMade system. The system also includes carefully thought out heater placement that further improves the flow of hot air. Such design, along with the MultiFlow 
360° system, will make sure the food is browned just the way you want it to be, regardless of which height and which tray you are using. The food will be both juicy and crispy!



Wysokość 45,5cm
Profesjonalne gotowanieHomeMADE - unikalny kształt wnętrza na wzór tradycyjnego pieca chlebowegoSuperSize - największa powierzchnia pieczeniaPerfectGrillPotrójnie szklone drzwi piekarnika z dwoma warstwami refleksyjnymi (UltraCoolDoor)Dynamiczne chłodzenie obudowy - DC+Openview - podwójne oświetlenie piekarnikaAquaClean
Mode of installation: Built-in
Door material: Glass and stainless steel
Classic door hinge
Ergonomic handle
Control panel material: Glass and stainless steel
Control: Electronic control
Knob shape: Ergonomic knobs


Type of oven: Combined microwave oven

Heating elements

Lower and upper heaterUpper heaterLower heaterSmall infra grillInfra heaterInfra heater with ventilationVentilationCircular heaterLower heater and fanLower heater with circular heater and fanFastPreheatStayWarmStayWarmMicrowave functionEco functionAutoRoast

Stirrer technology
Inverter technology
MultiFlow 360°


Triple glazing with a protective grid
Smooth oven door surface

Standard equipment

1 glass baking pan
Oven guides: 1x wire guides

Technical data

Connected load: 3 kW
Niche dimensions (WxHxD): 56 × 45 × 55 cm
Connected load3000 W
Code: 462879
EAN code: 3838942645235

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