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Gorenje GHI92X

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Range hood
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Stainless Steel

GHI92X Freestanding island hood
Extra powerful air extraction PowerBoost
Perimetric suction P.A.S.
Extra powerful air extraction PowerBoost: 641 m³/h
Constant ventilation ReFeresh
Time delay preset function
Electronic control
Control setting: SliderTouch control


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LED: Plus for excellent view of the cooking hob

Select Gorenje+ hoods feature a built-in dimmable power-saving LED strip for optimum light distribution and excellent lighting of the hob. Carefully thought-out layout and LED orientation delivers optimum hob lighting at all times. The dimmer also allows using it as an ambiance light.

P.A.S. Modern extraction technology

Smart targeted extraction with less noise! Gorenje+ cooker hoods feature a revolutionary new perimetric aspiration system that does not extract the air only through the central part, but rather directs extraction power to the edges as well. Such approach reduces power consumption and noise, and improves the efficiency of air extraction.

PowerBoost: Plus for extra powerful ventilation

Activate the PowerBoost function to immediately remove excess steam bursting out of a pot. Select Gorenje+ hoods feature continuous SliderTouch power control with two power boost settings.

AdaptAir: automatic operation
AdaptAir: automatic operation
Gorenje+ kitchen hoods, employing modern ventilation technology, delivering high performance and silent operation, and offering many smart features, are like a new window in your kitchen. In automatic operating mode, the sensor will detect impurity, steam or gases in the air around the hood. When the sensor is activated, the hood will respond automatically and adjust the suction power to deal with the amount of impurities in the air. The air in your kitchen will always be fresh.  
TouchFree inox
TouchFree inox
Hood housing is made of genuine high-quality stainless steel treated to resist any fingertip markings. Thus, the kitchen will remain shiny even when these surfaces are touched, and cleaning will be simple even after you have touched them while several ingredients of what you were cooking were still stuck to your hands.  
Special innovative stepless slider allows perfect control over the power level and light intensity.  
Before or during cooking, you may use the one of three timer levels to set the hood to operate from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. When the set time expires, the hood will be switched off. Timer may be quite convenient after the cooking is finished as well. Set the time according to the amount of steam and odours in the room and you may leave the room without any worries. The hood will do what you wish and then  
Make sure the air is fresh even when you are not at home! The cooker hood may switch on automatically every hour to operate for few minutes. Simply activate the ReFresh function. It will make sure the air is fresh 24/7, or as long as you choose to leave it activated.  
More cleanliness
The best Gorenje+ cooker hoods feature special aluminium filters with patented cassette insert that helps to stop up to 98% of grease coming from contaminated air while achieving energy class A for grease filter absorption efficiency. In addition they have a built-in sensor that is able to perceive when the grease or charcoal filters are saturated with grease particles to an extent that it impairs optimum hood performance. With normal use, cleaning is recommended every two months. It is quite  
Design with purpose
Appealing design of the extractor hood will enhance the aesthetics of the space; however, what makes a good kitchen hood is high performance, technical solutions that allow adequate ventilation of a room of particular size, lighting provided for the cooking hob beneath, silent operation, and other properties that match your lifestyle. The wide offer of Gorenje+ extractor hoods allows you to choose the shape that best serves your purpose. Uniform details make sure the hood will complement other Gorenje+ appliances.  
The kitchen is often the central living space that goes beyond the purpose of food preparation. Do not let noise spoil the pleasant moments! Choose Gorenje+ hood with quality sound insulation materials. Noise can be further reduced by using smooth rather than ribbed ducts, allowing sufficient duct diameter, and providing sound insulation for the ducts if required. Pleasant atmosphere even when socializing close to the cooking hob!  


Szerokość 90 cm

Program intensywny PowerBoostSliderTouchObwodowy pobór powietrza P.A.S. ReFreshTimer

Freestanding island hood
Housing material: Stainless steel and glass
Chimney material: Stainless steel
Electronic control
Control setting: SliderTouch control
Timer function
Constant ventilation ReFeresh
Operation indicator
Venting with air extraction or recirculation
Venting tube diameter: 15 cm
Maximum extraction rate by extraction operation: 464 m³/h
Number of speed positions: 9


Led strip: 2 × 7 W
Filter material: Washable aluminium with polyurethane foam
Coal filter code (optional as separate purchase): 415601
Number of filters: 1
Grease filter indicator
Number of motors: 1

Technical data

Energy class: A+
Connected load: 174 W
Height of product without chimney: 5 cm
Height of the chimney (min/max): 73,6 / 98,6 cm
Noise level (max.): 60 dB(A)re 1 pW
Perimetric suction P.A.S.
Code: 471053
EAN code: 3838942002571

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