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Gorenje GDC67178F

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Built-in fridge freezers
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Circulation of cool air fan system
Special drawer FreshZoneabout this feature
Door hinge: Door to door hinge
LED bulb on side


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Fridge Freezers

TotalCool: Plus for perfect cooling

Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature improvements that propel them towards perfection. Their appearance matches other exclusive Gorenje+ appliances that endow the kitchen with that final touch of sophistication. Their interior pleases with splendid details. Edges lined with high-grade stainless steel reflect the abundant lighting that allows a clear view. Special drawers, shelves, and compartments are designed and fitted with functional solutions to allow optimum storage for any type of food. Fresh produce will keep longer; smaller items will be more readily available; large items will be stored more safely. State-of-the-art air circulation technology, accurate control of temperature zones and humidity, and prevention of condensation, frost, and ice go without saying in appliances of such class. Everything was smartly thought out.

LedLight: Plus for fully illuminated interior

Most Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature a carefully designed LED lighting system that uses highly efficient light-emitting diodes (LED). Smart placement in just the right spots allows optimum illumination of the appliance interior. In addition, LEDs are appreciated for their long useful life and power efficiency. In some models, a special white halogen light with daylight effect makes the view into the refrigerator even clearer!

ZeroZone: Plus for freshness lasting three times longer

Save fruits, vegetables, and other fresh produce in the special ZeroZone drawer where sensor control keeps the temperature around 0 °C, thus creating ideal conditions for fresh food which will keep three times as long, retaining its natural properties. The drawer is suitable for storing many types of fruit and vegetables, fresh meat, fish, seafood, fresh dough, etc. Retractable guides allow a convenient view of the drawer contents.

AirFlow: Plus for constantly ideal temperature

Gorenje's own air circulation system AirFlow maintains the desired constant temperature. In addition, the cold shower system is in operation simultaneously, supplying cool air to special compartments and keeping temperatures there between 0 and 3 °C. The principle of cold shower is connected to the smartly laid out slots placed above the ZeroZone drawer which target the air directly on the food stored in this temperature zone. Simultaneous operation of both systems is faster and more efficient than the conventional cooling system.


A++ 40% higher power savings
A++ 40% higher power savings
Select models of Gorenje+ fridge freezers are in the elite company of the most energy efficient appliances to date. They are rated A++ which means that their power efficiency is 40 percent above that of the A-class appliances. Such characteristics are made possible by improved insulation, door sealing, and cutting-edge refrigeration system components.  
XXL volume
More storage area with the same exterior dimensions! Offered in the Gorenje+ range is an integrated fridge freezer with net volume of 268 litres and optimum use of interior space. Shelves, drawers, and other storage compartments are designed with the up-tempo beat of the modern lifestyle in mind. Individual drawers include two 0 °C compartments. Such functionality allows saving a large amount of fresh food longer.  
Control via LED display
Control via LED display
Top class Gorenje+ models feature two displays for separate temperature regulation in the refrigerator and freezer compartment. You will also be able to rely on additional functions such as FastFreeze to boost the freezing process with a simple touch of a button, and SuperCool allowing you to cool larger quantities of food at a time. If the temperature in the appliance rises, the refrigerator will warn about this with a signal LED and a beep.  
NoFrost technology not only prevents the accumulation of frost on the food and ice build-up on the freezer compartment walls; it also keeps the food in the same shape it was in when you stored it. This improves makes it easier to locate the item you are looking for, and allows the food to retain its quality, colour, and aroma while making full use of the available space. Combination of intensive air circulation and extraction of humidity also saves you  
Innovative design allows feeding the cool air directly into a special-purpose drawer. The drawer with the lowest temperature zone in the refrigerator compartment will keep your fruit, vegetables, and meat fresh much longer. For perfectly chilled fresh food!  
Some types of vegetables can only maintain their firmness and crunchiness in an appropriately humid environment. Humidity in the vegetable drawer can be simply regulated by setting the opening of ventilation slots using a convenient slider. As all special-purpose drawers, CrispZone is also fully retractable, offering a perfect view of the drawer contents.  
This box with a special closing mechanism is ideal for storing food such as cheese, salami, bread spreads, pâtés, sandwiches, butter, and other snacks. In this container, the food will not dry out; moreover, the box can be removed from the refrigerator and used to serve the food stored within. It is mounted under a glass shelf on a slider that allows moving it to the left or right as necessary to make the best use of the remaining space  
Shallow door shelves
Plus for small perks! Shelves in the door of your integrated fridge allow stable storage of small bottles and tubes that you wish readily accessible. These items are hence conveniently available and the use of space is further optimized.  
Deep door shelf
The shape of the holders allows a firm grip to prevent the bottles from moving, keeping them always in place and easily accessible. Even for the largest glass bottles and 2.5-litre plastic bottles!  
Polished protection
All Gorenje+ fridge freezers feature shelves, door bins, and drawers protected with a high-quality stainless steel lining. The appearance of the interior simply looks better and the exposed parts are additionally reinforced and protected.  
A+ energy efficiency
A+ energy efficiency
Excellent solutions for thermal insulation and door sealing, state-of-the-art cooling components, and electronic temperature control reduce power consumption. Even the most spacious appliances are still rated in the A+ or A energy efficiency class. Use up to 25 percent less power! If your new Gorenje+ appliance is replacing a refrigerator that is older than 15 years, you may count on using up to three times less power!  
115° of soft opening
115° of soft opening
Doors of the integrated Gorenje+ fridge freezers are fitted with a special flat hinge that allows opening to an angle of 115° despite the fact that the appliance is integrated into a kitchen cabinet. This improves the view and access to contents. Furthermore, the hinge can withstand considerable pressure, makes sure the door is opened smoothly, and also automatically shuts the door when the angle of the opening is lesser than 45°. Automatic soft closing adds to convenience and prevents  
Fan system
Fan system
The fan on the back wall of the refrigerator compartment constantly propels the air, causing it to circulate. As a result, the entire refrigerator compartment is always evenly cooled and condensate is not accumulated on the back wall and under the shelf.  
Bottle holder
The holder can be safely placed on any shelf in the refrigerator, or used elsewhere – as a convenient holder for bottled beverages you enjoy at room temperature. When installed in the refrigerator, the holder accentuates the harmony of detail and overall appearance of the appliance. Like the select facets of Gorenje+ appliances, this holder, too, is made of high-quality stainless steel.  


Ilość gwiazdek: 4Wysokość 177,5 cmSzerokość 54 cmWysokość 177,5 cm

Wyświetlacz LEDOświetlenie LEDSzuflada FreshZone (do przedłużenia czasu świeżości produktów)Pojemnik na przekąskiSystem cyrkulscji powietrzaŁatwe otwieranie A++

Construction type: Built-in integrated

Functions / Operating

Door opening: Reversible door opening
Door hinge: Door to door hinge
Energy consumption kWh/24h: 0,63 kWh
Energy consumption kWh/year: 230 kWh
Climate class: SN, ST, N, T
LED display control
Programme Eco
1 compressor
High quality stainless steel lining
4 adjustable feet



Net capacity fridge: 221 l
Auto defrost fridge
LED interior light at several points on side
Fast cooling function
2 vegetable drawers
Dairy compartment
6 shallow door shelves
Deep door bottle shelf
Net capacity freezer: 61 l
Freezing capacity in 24 hours: 9 kg
Power cut safe time: 15 h
Fast freezing function
Compartment for frozen food

Technical characteristics/Dimensions

Energy class: A++
Niche dimensions (WxHxD) (min-max): 56-57 × 177,5-178 × 56 cm
Code: 312758
EAN code: 3838942689659

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