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Podspeakers MicroPod Sub

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Compact subwoofer with 6,5" long throw woofer, 100 Watts (RMS) digital Class D amplifier,variable frequency  from 30-165 Hzinput level control, phase 0-180dg switch,RCA stereo input, 100-240v power supplyMDF cabinet, rubber feet,  multilayer high gloss finish, dim. (HxWxD) 250x230x230mm


MicroPod Sub


Micro in name but not in performance, the MicroPod Sub is a compact subwoofer capable of bolstering the bass performance of any speaker system. Small enough to be hidden out of site yet powerful enough to fill even large rooms with lifelike bass reinforcement, MicroPod Sub’s flexible design makes it ideal for use with both stereo and 5.1 Home Theatre systems.


Continuing our tradition of offering high-performance products in a compact form, MicroPod Sub has been designed using the latest design and development techniques. The all-important cabinet is made of MDF (Medium Density Fibreboard), which, thanks to its inert form, gives the specially designed 6.5-inch long-throw drive unit the perfect enclosure to create the deep and fast responses necessary to integrate seamlessly with the main speakers.


Combined with the powerful 100-watt Class D digital amplifier, the MicroPod Sub gives the essential punch when the performance requires it yet remains agile and subtle for lighter passages, making it the ideal subwoofer for both music and movies.


Regardless of the application, MicroPod Sub will easily integrate into any space, whilst deliver a performance that will enhance any system for a truly compelling listening experience.

MicroPod Sub Compact subwoofer for both stereo and surround Scandyna MicroPod Sub contains a powerful 100 watt Class D digital amplifier coupled with a 165mm long throw driveunit to create power full and realistic bass reinforcement. Comfortable in either two channel or home theatre systems, MicroPod Sub delivers the fast responses needed to keep time with your loudspeakers, while maintaining complete control on special effect sequences in movies.

Technical specifications

Colors: White, black, red

Description: 6,5” powered subwoofer system

Amplifier: Class D (digital)

Power output: 100 watt

Drive unit: 6,5” woofer, long throw

Frequency Range: 30-165 Hz

Signal/noise: 98dB

Inputs: RCA input, 170mV

Power supply: 100/240V (switch mode)

Power consumption: less than 0,5watts in standby mode

Functions: Auto Standby Phase 0-180 degree Volume level control Crossover frequency control 

Weight: 5,8 kg per piece


Width: 230mm.

Height: 250mm (with rubber feet)

Depth: 235mm

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