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Launchport AM.2 Sleeve Buttons Black - iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3

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Inductive charging protective case
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United States
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AM.2 Sleeve Buttons 434 MHz Black - iPad Mini/iPad Mini 2/iPad Mini 3

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Hold. Charge. Protect.

The LaunchPort AM.2 Sleeve is a sleek, protective charging case that feel great in your hands.  Connect the AM.2 to any LaunchPort Station, either on-wall or on a table-top.  Transform how you can use iPad mini series of products with the LaunchPort AM.2 Sleeve.


The World's First and Only Inductive Charger / Magnetic Mount for iPad

LaunchPort is the revolutionary charging and mounting system that forever changes how you can use iPad. The LaunchPort system consists of a Sleeve and any number of Stations. A Sleeve is a protective case that fits onto your iPad. A Station is the mount and charging unit that connects to and holds a Sleeve.  There are two types of Stations, one for the table and one for the wall.

LaunchPort powers iPad via inductive charging.  As soon as a Sleeve is mounted to a Station charging begins immediately, without wires or cables. Magnets are used to mount an iPad-in-Sleeve to a Station.  Because magnets are inside the Sleeve, you can also mount it to any metallic surface.

Use iPad while it charges on a wall, table, or virtually anywhere else without cables and without fuss. Elevate what an iPad can do with LaunchPort.

A Home for iPad

Always Charged

The LaunchPort System provides the most convenient way to charge an iPad without wires and without fuss. Place your iPad onto a Station in any orientation and charging just works, every time. 


Home Base

LaunchPort creates a home base for your iPad so you always know where it is. Because your iPad is always at its home base, it's always charged and ready for use.


LaunchPort's elegant form fitting Sleeve also protects iPad.  It's ready for anything, whether in the house or in a commercial space like hotels, restaurants or offices.


The System

Sleeve + Station = System

The LaunchPort system consists of a Station and a Sleeve.  The protective Sleeve slides onto iPad. There are two types of Stations: a BaseStation which can be placed on a table or counter and a WallStation which can be installed into nearly any surface.  The WallStation is powered in-wall, with low-voltage wires routed back to a power source.  


Inductive Charging

Inductive charging works by safely transmitting energy through the air.  There are no cables or conductive elements used in the system, allowing for mounting between a Sleeve and the Station to occur easily and seamlessly.  LaunchPort's  inductive charging technology charges your iPad at the same exact rate as Apple's Power Adapter.


Magnetic Mounting

The LaunchPort Sleeve contains an array of magnets which are used to mount to a Station.  These magnets provide a precise and secure connection while the Sleeve hangs on a wall via the WallStation.  The result is a unique system that makes mounting and charging truly effortless and flexible for a variety of commercial and residential applications. 

















The LaunchPort Rugged System




Power: 15V DC input, 5.2V 2.4A DC output, Apple Lightning Connector

Dimensions: L 8.51" (216.4mm)  W 5.45" (138.5mm)  D 0.84" (21.95mm),  

Weight: 0.45 lbs.

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