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iPort Surface Mount Bezel Silver

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Surface Mount Bezel Silver

Works with iPad mini 4

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Surface Mount
Elegantly integrate iPad onto any surface

iPad is everywhere, in business and homes.  There are thousands of smart devices now that help make your life better like smart door locks, smart lighting and even digital music systems.  All these devices come to life on your iPad screen where you can control them as you desire.  We believe there should be an easy way to place your iPad on a wall, making it always charged and always available. Turn your iPad into a smart touch controller with Surface Mount: the elegant frame that allows you to integrate iPad onto any surface.  Learn more by watching the video below.




Meet the world's most versatile iPad mount




Precision-Machined Bezel, High Grade Finishes

Surface Mount's Aluminum bezel is made of high-grade alloy and finished to the highest standards.  Choose from 3 finishes: Black, White or Silver. The result is bezel as refined as the iPad itself.









Flexible Power Options via PoE or Low Voltage

Surface Mount's electronics system can receive power from a PoE Switch or 24V DC power supply.  And for instances in which power from a wall receptacle is required, just use the PoE Injector.









Install on Any Surface, Use Any Wall Box

Surface Mount was designed from the bottom up to be the easiest iPad mount to install, ever.  Use any Wall box, whether EU, UK or US, single gang or double gang.  Simply hang Surface Mount over the box, in any orientation.






Any Surface, Anywhere, Any Way


Use any wall box worldwide; install in any orientation



More than just an iPad frame

Surface Mount's precision machined aluminum bezel doesn't just look great:  inside is a beautiful arrangement of ports, clips and locks that enable nearly every iPad hardware function.  All this capability is engineered in a minimalist, high quality frame and hidden from sight.




The freedom to power iPad in many different ways

Surface Mount electronics are designed to power iPad in nearly any scenario, whether running power over long distances or even utilizing existing wiring from an older device.  The Surface Mount PoE Splitter is the smallest of its kind, fitting into even single gang european wall boxes.  The Splitter can receive power from a PoE Switch (IEEE 802.3af), or can be powered from nearly any 24V power supply.  The PoE Injector can be used to power iPad from a local wall receptacle or can be plugged into an AV rack up to 600 feet away.  Whatever the scenario, the Surface Mount system has the tools to get the job done.



iPad Audio Out and Wired Ethernet Options


iPad now has the ability to be hard-wired to a network via Ethernet and the lightning port!

Many of our Surface Mount models now contain compatibility for iPad Audio Out and Wired Ethernet capabilities. This same compatibility also accommodates many third party Lightning to audio out adapters.  To see which models are compatible, click on the button below.


Lightning to Audio Out


Lightning to Ethernet Out



Surface Mount with Buttons

Introducing Surface Mount with Buttons, the best of both worlds: Hard Buttons + Apps.  Surface Mount with Buttons combine an iPad Mount and IP Keypad in one elegant device.  Communicate directly to many control systems to control anything you can imagine with the touch of a button.



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