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Salamander Designs Barcelona 329

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Furniture for Hi-Fi and TV
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Salamander Designs
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Stany Zjednoczone
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Barcelona 329
Chameleon Collection

Speaker Integrated Cabinet

Clean, cutting-edge design with beveled edges and precision miter joints is highlighted by a natural cherry or walnut wood finish with black smoked glass or gloss white doors.

Finish: Light Cherry /Black Glass, 

Dimensions: 45 " W x 34.50 " H x 22 " D

Model: C/BA329/NC

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Engineered to Perform

Built-in ventilation louvers for better air flow to keep equipment cool
Soft-close door dampeners
Removable rear panel allows easy access to components
Infinitely adjustable, black interior shelves
Cabinet’s center segment features a speaker opening with a removable grille designed to hide a speaker


Quality Construction


Available in Natural Cherry (twin and quad width only) and Natural Walnut finishes with Smoked Glass Doors or Natural Walnut with Gloss White doors






Hidden Adjustable Levelers



Engineered to Perform

The C-frame is a unique aluminum chassis designed to provide a strong and flexible furniture platform. Our expertly finished furniture panels are attached to the aluminum structure to create cabinets in various styles. While the end appearance is similar to that of typical furniture, the internal chassis permits a wide variety of bolt-on options and accessories.



  • All Aluminum Chassis
  • Accessories allow personalization
  • Infinitely adjustable, standard black interior shelves
  • Removable rear panel allows easy access to components
  • Built-in ventilation louvers for better air flow to keep equipment cool
  • Soft-close door dampers






                                                        Chameleon Accessories

An extensive family of accessories allows customization of cabinets to meet specific needs and preferences, Integrate accessories to enhance functionality and provide years of reliable service.  Feel confident that you can retrofit and upgrade your furniture whenever your needs change.


Overall Dimensions: 1143 mm W x 876 mm H x 559 mm D

Recommended TV Size: up to 127 cm

Adjustable Shelf: 34 kg.

Top Holds: 91 kg.

Product Weight: 85 kg.

Interior Dimensions: 

A-Storage Compartment: 502 mmW x 495 mmD x 457 mmH

G-Storage Compartment: 1029 mmW x 495 mmD x 229 mmH

Interior Includes: 2 Adjustable Shelves (502 mmW x 470 mmD x 13 mmTh)


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