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Chord & Major Major 5’14

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CHORD & MAJOR MAJOR 5’14 World Music

Tonal Earphones - World. Frequency response: 20-20kHz. Sensitivity: 100dB. Impedance: 20Ω. Connector 3.5mm (gold plated). Cable length 1.2m.

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World music

World music describes any music whose origin is non-Western. It includes ethnic, folk, and traditional musics from around the world. Its melodies are rich, its styles brim with history and heritage. It is steeped in the culture and traditions that birthed its unique instruments and musical styles.Foundational to world music are recordings made in situ. The sound of busy streets and vibrant, constantly shuffling environments: the sound of the venues in which it is played is the sound of world music.Many folk and traditional instruments lack the output hardware necessary for direct recording. Their voices are one with the energy, and flavour of the lively atmospheres around them. The resultant recordings bear distinctive, wide, and airy soundscapes that must be felt as well as heard.

Three Defining Characteristics of Chord&Major Earphones

Tonal Earphones:

Choosing the earphone that best suits your favorite music is simple and fun.

Natural Wood and Metal:

The highly rigid metal housings deliver clear, textured sound. Our earphones are developed using wood to bring out a warm timbre and nuanced reverberations to all of your favorite music. Natural wood casings reduces unwanted isolations.

Anti-drag mechanism:

Chord&Major’s unique anti-drag mechanism not only enhances the durability of our earphones but also, reduces microphonic noises.

• Impedance: 20Ω
Sensitivity: 100 dB
Frequency Response: 20Hz-20000Hz
Connector: jack 3,5 mm (golden plated)
Cable Length: 1,2 m

Latest Tonal Earphone, the Major 5’14 (for World Music) is now available!

28th, Feb 2015

Chord&Major’s Latest Tonal Earphones Focusing on World Music is now available!

This is Chord&Major’s fifth earphone series focusing on musical tonality and this time we’ve chosen World Music, which includes genres such as World and national music, as the theme of the new Major5’14 tonality earphones. We focus on live recording techniqueswhen tuning sound, to reflect the sound’s original depth.

The color of the Major5’14 earphones is based off of traditional Taiwanese wooden furniture. We selected the material of beech wood as the material for the earphones due to its strength and durability. It is often combined with black, sandblasted stainless steel, to achieve a better balance in terms of weight.

An image of a Yuequin has been placed on the carrying pouch, as the Yuequin has played an important role in the history of Taiwanese music. We also use a dark gray color for the pouch to bring a feel of land to the product.

Not being able to be recorded using line-in techniques is one of the main characteristics of World music. Instead, performances have to be recorded using on-site techniques. This is because of the instuments that are used in world music.

Unlike musical instruments such as violins, which saw every detail of the instrument improved over time by craftsmen, instruments in world music did not evolve as systemetically.

Traditional musical instruments did not get refined by craftsmen as usually, convenience was the hightest priorty and material that could be found locally, was typically used.

Resonance and ductility of instruments makes any sound produced feel dry and flat. This makes recording difficult and also makes sampling and mixing more demanding, especially when it comes time for post-production. World music is by far the one music genre that has the most challenges when it comes to being recorded.

Chord&Major is a unique brand as we not only study electro-acoustic technology for earphones but also take great care in understanding the impact of various aspects of music.We aimed to create earphones that specifically focused on the tonality of music, thus we chose the genre of World Music as the theme of these new earphones.

Unique customs from various countries represent the different stories of cultures and people.Thanks to the rapid development of technology, these stories can be made to seem more real and accessible in music. The spirit of the land the music originates from can also be felt more so.

Chord&Major intends for the Major5’14 earphones to communicate to everyone that listening to World Music is a direct way for people to learn about different cultures. Listeners understand these cultures through music, which is made by various groups of people who use their own instruments to interpret their lives through traditional melodies.

Despite being in the age of advanced electronically synthesised music, we have decided to focus less on complex elements and go back to simple acoustic flavours. Distinct from other forms of music, World Music is relaxing, natural, and closely connected with culture, which can help us understand the feelings of the local people represented by the music.

The Major5’14 earphones focus on the performances of traditional, cultural music. It helps preserve the bold spirit of World Music, especially the original and spatial dimensions felt within, which allows users to feel as though they are experiencing the performer’s daily life through the music.

Music can express the unique characteristics of a country. We hope that when accentuating the details of music played, the Major5’14 earphones also express the beauty of traditional World songs,allowing listeners to truly feel the music.

Major5’14 hopes to bring you into the orbit of World Music, where there is not only sound, but also life.

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