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Sahara W AE

Sahara is the first of a new league of acoustic treatments.
Sahara panels are the forerunners of the next generation of acoustic panels. Completely adaptable. Completely customizable. Unique for each environment.
A good acoustic treatment lies in the correct ratio between absorption and diffusion. Sahara can regulate both, without changing its seamless organic pattern, allowing you to fully embrace the architectural style of your space without worrying about different panel placement.

Sahara’s secret lies in its organic pattern, allowing you to increase the absorbative areas and change the morphology of the diffusing ridges, producing a panel truly tailor-made to your needs.

Available in a range of finishes and colours, Sahara is the first of a new league of acoustic treatments.

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Why Artnovion?

Because Artnovion believes that less is more, we take every aspect of product optimization seriously. All our products have been conceived to deliver the best performance at the lowest cost, in every facet of the product cycle, from production to packing and shipping.

The Perfect Ratio.

20% Increased Performance

The unique design creates isolated air cavities that not only optimize shipping but also provide 20% better acoustic performance.

Because Artnovion is all about premium acoustic performance, the development of all our products aimed to combine the very best performance with the best design. Regardless of the product function, either for absorption, bass trapping or diffusion purposes, we always deliver premium performance together with a premium ambiance. With Artnovion you will only have to choose the product line that fits in your environment and it will always perform at its best.

Our tuned products cover the full frequency spectrum, from low to mid or high frequencies. The innovative design of our rear panels’ air cavities provides maximum absorption surface and extra absorption coefficient efficiency, smoothing the absorption frequency spectrum. Our products can be used on walls, ceilings and corners, with easy access to audio and electricity cabling.

No more bending.

Perfectly aligned frames. Always.

The new frame architecture enable a dimensional estability and enhance perfect assembling between units.


Carefully designed for any situation.

Every product is designed having in mind multiple usages.
We are the only ones on the market with an integrated corner assembly solution

33% Space Optimization

By stacking panels with each other, we were able to significantly reduce packaging volumes, enabling you to transport more panels per box and to reduce freight costs in 33%.

Every Detail Matters

Carefully tought packaging. Designed specifically for the europallete that guarantees perfect alignment between boxes and pallete.

Stack up to 3 palletes without compromising the product safety.
Less material. Less environmental impact.
Without compromising the best performance, we commited ourselves to use less material in our products so that we can reduce our impact on the Environment.


Absorption treatment range: 350 Hz to 8000 Hz (Regulated by installation method)

Material: Wood - MDF FG or MDF FR+ 
Fixing System: Mechanical
High Efficiency absorber and diffuser 
Dimensions: 595x595x46 mm | 1190x595x46 mm

Choose your Finish:

   Blanc FR++              Gold                  Noir F                Rouge FR++

A millenary inspiration for unique acoustical design and performance.

Sahara is the first of a new league of acoustic treatments.

Finishing Material: 

Wood FR++ (Ultimate Fire Rate)

Fire rate classification:

FR ++ |  M1 (NFP 92-507) ; Class 1 (BS 476-7); B1 (DIN 4102-1); B, S2,d0 (EN 13501-2); HF 1 (UL 94).

Acoustic performance:

Absorption range | 350Hz to 3150Hz

Acoustic class | 

Absorption coef. (αw) | 


  Dim.: 595x595x46mm | 1190x595x46mm

  Weight | Kg*

  Units per box:  6 un | 4 un

  Box Weight | Kg*

Installation - Mechanical

Packing Dimensions - 640x385x640mm | 1235x250x640mm

* Approximate weight

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