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Major 01’16 Electronic Music

Tonal Earphones - Electronic Music. Frequency response: 5-40kHz. Sensitivity: 103dB. Impedance: 28Ω. Connector 3.5mm (gold plated). Cable length 1.2m.

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Major 01’16 Electronic Music

In a broad sense “Electronic Music” is synthesized music produced using electronic equipment, computer software and other electronic technology. It also contains some traditional acoustic elements, when combined with technology form to create an electroacoustic juxtaposition, which is where some of its charm lies.

Through advancements in music technology the capability to alter sound has become far-reaching, resulting in an escape from traditional sounding instruments and music logic, into the endlessly creative realm of “Electronica”.


The Major 01’16 has a full bass response, highlights different textures, and has a crystal clear mid-range. It is sensitive and dynamic, fully expressing the genius behind different types of electronic music.


Impedance: 28Ω
Frequency Response: 5-40,000Hz
Sensitivity: 103dB at 1kHz 1mW
Wood Wrap Carbon Fiber
Connector: 3.5mm (golden plated) & 6.3mm
Cable Length: 1.2m
Max Power Input: 8mW

Major 01’16 Electronic Music Tonal Earphone Review by earmass


“Chord & Major is definitely a company that have earned my respect and admire over time. I love them because they persist in what they are doing and they believe they goal.They are believing each IEM is tailored for certain type of music, quite different from what we generally told to.”

“One thing that make me love Chord and Major is there is so much detail in their IEM design, I can’t stop loving the carbon fibre pattern of Major’s casing, it is not finished in wood material as its siblings but I really think it is a wise move, the wood pattern outlook won’t suit the ‘Electronic’ music specialty of the Major.”

“Being an Electronic expert, Major’s bass/low frequency performance is indeed the most important part of the acoustic band. In this aspect (bass performance), Major is indeed gained my respect.”

“it is the bass quality that made differentiate it from the regular bass oriented IEM. The bass of Major is deep, fast and round, with respectable impact/slam.”

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