Schroers & Schroers Ellipse

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Meble pod sprzęt AV
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Schroers & Schroers
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Home office
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TV-Wall. Round tube, silver powdercoated load capacity TV mount: 40 kg load capacity shelf: 20 kg, wiring tunnel in the tube.

Pure glass 20 mm. Dimensions: 1200 x 1700 x 320.


Steel and Glass.

Schroers & Schroers set the constant coming and going against a program of audio and TV objects, the significantly different from those of today. Our furniture is more than the usual minimum of, from and function'; they should make their users accompany  on long time. They should be visible and perceptibly beautiful.

Ellipse TV-Wall

Glass thickness: 20mm clear glass

Round tube: silver, powder-coated

Load capacity TV mount: 40 kg

Load capacity shelf: 20 kg

Wiring Tunnel in the tubing

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