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Schroers & Schroers
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TV column with spring floor ceiling bricing aluminium square-profile tube: 80 x 80 mm brushed for flat-screen TVs up to 52“ turns through 350°, max load: up to 45 kg, concealed cable management in column, standard measure: 2,10 to 2,45 (can be pulled apart). Dimensions: 80 x 2450 x 80.



TV column with spring-loaded floor-to-ceiling support Aluminium square-profile tube: 80 x 80 mm brushed to a shine for flat-screen TVs up to 52“.

Details » Turns through 360°

Max load: up to 45 kg

Concealed wiring tunnel in column Column available in 300 cm standard length.

May be altered to requirement by professional fitters during mounting.

Custom lengths also available on order.

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