Screen Innovations Transformer

Category :
Projector screens
Brand :
Screen Innovations
Made in country :
Stany Zjednoczone
Destination :
Home theater
Color :
Slate .8



The perfect solution for seamlessly displaying multiple aspect ratios without “black bars” or letterboxing.
Transformer ® magically grows and shrinks to the perfect size.

Slate / Maestro / Pure /
Slate Perf. / Pure Perf.

Max Width: 235”
Max Height: 97.88”

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Your Experience

Masking, Without Masking.
We weren’t happy with the current offering in the screen
masking arena so we ditched the mask completely and
created a screen that, quite literally, grows to the perfect
ratio, matching your content. It’s like magic, and with
Slate ® you can now enjoy your perfect viewing experience
in environments with ambient light.

The Perfect Ratio Every Time
Whether you’re watching 16:9, 2.35:1, 2.40:1, or anything
in-between - Transformer ® fits. With our proprietary
telescoping frame system, rest assured that your viewing
experience will be the best one possible, every time.

1 Hour Installation
Gone are the overly complex, and time-consuming
installations. With Transformer ® , due to our simplified

method of packing and pre-construction, you can un-
package your screen and complete the installation in 1
hour or less making our screen the most simple to install
masking system in the world.

A Moving Experience
Getting the big screen experience is one thing. Getting the
big screen experience with Transformer ® is another thing
all together. It’s an experience that truly must be seen,
heard, and felt to understand. That is why we created it
– to give people something they have never experienced



Somfy Sonesse RS485 Quiet Motor ®

• 6-inch aluminum extrusion with hand-
wrapped velvet
• Optional LED backlighting system

Slate / Maestro / Pure / Slate Perf. / Pure

• Max Width: 235”
• Max Height: 97.88”
• Available in 1-inch increments.

Aspect Ratios
Constant Height / Variable Width

The perfect solution for seamlessly displaying multiple aspect ratios without “black bars” or letterboxing.
Transformer ® magically grows and shrinks to the perfect size.

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