Screen Innovations 5 Zero Edge

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Projector screens
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Screen Innovations
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Stany Zjednoczone
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Home theater
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Slate 1.2


5 Zero Edge

Mankind is no longer forced to turn the lights off to enjoy the big screen experience. Zero Edge ® with Slate ® rejects up to 65% of the ambient light in your environment which allows you to leave the lights on when watching the game, movies, playing video games, and more

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It's basically a gigantic flat-panel television. By far the most popular screen that we've ever made, the Zero Edge® frame presentation was created to give the screen an aesthetic appeal for the first time ever, even with the image turned off. With Slate® and other popular screen materials, 5 Series Zero Edge® is an option that will have a small impact on your wallet, but a huge impact on your experience.




If you’re ready to move up from a white wall or an inexpensive roll-up screen, the Screen Innovations Zero Edge with Slate .8 material is one of the best upgrades I can think of. Highly Recommended.






We now offer 5 Series Zero Edge®, a new flexible ambient-light rejecting projection screen available in sizes up to 200-inches diagonal, without a seam. Due to our proprietary flexible material, no longer are you constrained by accessibility concerns when planning your installation. With 5 Zero Edge®, we have made onsite assembly a breeze. Now you can easily bring your screen into any environment you choose.











For the audiophiles, or anyone wanting a great solution for hiding speakers in a discreet location, Maestro is a great solution. Boasting the best acoustically transparent weave screen material known to man, 5 Zero Edge® just got that much better.









5 Zero Edge® easily breaks down into a traditional fixed-frame box and assembles onsite making it easy to ship and navigate tight spaces, elevators, and stairways. The new design will dramatically cut down on freight damage and make international shipping hassle free. 5 Zero Edge® is available for SI’s screen options: Slate®, Short Throw (ST), Maestro Weave, Pure® White, Pure® Gray.




Seeing truly is believing. We stand by that ideal here at Screen Innovations and believe that when you see our Zero Edge® projector screen for yourself you will understand why it’s such a big deal. 



SLATE® 1.2 Slate® replaces the need to settle for a substandard screen in a family room setting, by rejecting 65% of the room’s ambient light compared

                   to less than 10% of ambient light rejection with a white or gray screen.





SLATE® .8 The second flavor of our award winning Slate® material, Slate® .8 is black in color but reflects all colors of the spectrum while also able to go

                 massive in size.





SLATE® AT 1.2 The best image and the best sound with the lights on.






SLATE® AT .8 The best image and the best sound with the lights on.






SHORT THROW (ST) Allowing you to place your projector literally inches away from the screen, Short Throw (ST) turns your projection screen into

                                a gigantic flat panel television by rejecting all light coming from the front, sides and top.





MAESTRO Put your speakers where they should go (behind the screen) not where they have to go with Maestro White.






PURE® WHITE Pure® White features SI’s proprietary Micro Texture that is nine (9) times finer and smoother than that of the best screen material

                       available on the market today. This means ultra high definition (4k +) content won't be dulled by your screen material





PURE® GRAY Pure® Gray, like its brother Pure® White also features SI's nine (9) times finer and smoother texture than standard screen materials 

                      for un-matched resolution and picture clarity but in a darker color which improves black levels.





PURE® WHITE AT The best image and best sound for light controlled environments.






PURE® GRAY AT The best image and best sound for light controlled environments.

MAX SIZE (16:9) 390
ASPECT RATIOS 16:9, 16:10, 2.35:1, 2.40:1, 4:3
MATERIALS Slate, Maestro, Pure

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