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Acoustic panel. 600x600x50mm. Composition: 100% polyester fibre (PET) 70% recycled. NRC: 0.70. Fire Class: BS1 DO (UK Class 1). Design: Technics.

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Simple graphic design for walls and ceilings.

Made from 100% polyester, with over 50% recycled content. The panels can also be recycled making them an incredible environmentallyfriendly product.

This design of panel is more than an acoustic enhancement; it is a piece of three-dimensional art. Adding a distinct visual appealto any room, this panel is suitable for both work and play areas as with most of our panels. Strip-like ridges like pipes runningalong the wall, add fun and highly striking optical interest to places whilst disguising the panels true purpose.


Application Solutions

Education, Offices, Retail, Leisure, Hotel, Restaurant, Public Health, Commercial and Domestic.

Product Benefits:

•Easy to Install — the panels are easilywall mounted and can be used tocreate floating ceilings that absorbsound and enhance sound quality.

•Better balancing of sound byoffering Class B Absorption toincrease speech intelligibility in aspecific area reducing backgroundsound noise levels.

•A better way to transform open,sound-challenged spaces into morewhile comfortable environments.


Soundtect panels are for indoor use only but can be used in any area that acoustic treatments are required including areas of highlevels of humidity such as swimming pools, as polyester fibre showed only 0.03% absorption of moisture during recent testingwhere panels were subjected to high humidity of 90% for a five day period. Moisture does not affect polyester and is thereforesafe and usable in all interior applications.

Width    Height    Depth
600       600        50 mm

100% polyester (PET) over 50% recycled

Test Results:
Acoustic: Class C – 0.70 NRC
BS EN ISO 354:L2003 tested at SRL UK.

Fire: Class 1 – BS1 D0
Tested to: EN ISO 11925-2 Small flame attack/ EN 13823:2010 Single Burning item


Product Care

Soundtect panels are easy to clean. Please use soap and water or specific carpet cleaner to remove stains or marks. The panel should be blotted first to remove surface spills and then cleaned gently with a soft clean cloth taking care not to rub excessively or use excess water. Panels with Paint Finish can be lightly painted over once.

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