Aquamusique H062 M Seashell

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Portable underwater speaker. Frequency: 100Hz–16kHz. Directivity: Omnidirectional. Power: 60 watts Rms/8 ohms. Impedance: 8 Ohms. Positioning: 30cm to 2m Dimensions: 270x230x100mm. Weight: 5kg. Cable length: 12m. Materials: Speakers: Polyurethane/Casing: Polyester. Guarantee: 1 year. United States Patent Number: US8181, 735, B02.

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French manufacturer of underwater speaker and subaquatic speakers for private, public and community pools, spas, hydrotherapy baths, and yachts. 

An unprecedented sound experience that has won the acclaim of synchronized swimming teams, scuba divers and enthusiasts of water aerobics, Watsu and water therapy massages. Aquamusique speakers have been installed in fitness centres, balneotherapy and thalassotherapy centres and hotel spas, among others. The 

Aquamusique MUSICAL MASSAGE© offers deep, immediate and effortless relaxation. The diffusion of music in water propagates musical sound waves within the human body. These musical vibrations produce a Musical Massage©. 

- Frequency : 100 – 16 kHz
- Directivity: Omnidirectional
- Power : 60 watts Rms / 8 ohms
- Nominal impedance : 8 Ohms
- Positioning: 30 cm to 2 m
- Dimensions: 27 x23 x10 cm - Weight: 5 kg
- Cable length : 12 m
- Materials : Speakers : Polyurethane / Casing : Polyester
- Guarantee: 1 year 
- United States Patent Number : US8181,735,B02 - See more at:

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