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The Big Screen A/V Experience

Designed for the discerning first-time reference-class user, our easily configurable high performance multichannel A/V preamplifier delivers brilliant home cinema in every conceivable situation.

Music lovers with sensitive ears are only too aware of the potential hazards for sound waves in unfavourably shaped rooms. This problem is even more critical in home-cinema applications – a shot fired on the screen reaches the ear, distorted, a split-second later. That was why we decided to build a multichannel AV preamplifier providing the ideal response to the acoustics of any room. Other systems expect you to put up with imprecise adjustments or confusing automatic systems, whereas the MAP I boasts a professional loudspeaker, delay, bass and equalization management enabling minute adjustments. With our free CARMA software, you can conveniently test the MAP I on your PC or Mac to produce a preview showing how your living-room will be miraculously transformed into a scientifically redesigned movie theatre.


Surround Sound Formats

MAP I processes all digital home-cinema and surround-sound formats, including Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24, and even – over the Audionet HighBit interface – SACD and DVD audio. Optimum playback of up to 7.1 channels is therefore possible.


A True Performer

MAP I is our universal decoder system for high-quality music and home-cinema applications. The slim 70mm A/V preamplifier allows the playback of 2 to 8 channels, offers unique setting and adjustment possibilities, possesses state-of-the-art interface technology and is architecturally prepared for future demands via software and hardware updates.

Like every Audionet machine, the MAP I guarantees a unique sound performance thanks to its own uncompromising combination of audiophile quality and state-of-the-art home-cinema technology. You can look forward to a maximum of natural music rendition, the finest spatial resolution of the soundscape, and outstanding visual reproduction.

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AP I Is Leading in Technology and Equipment

The MAP I decodes all digital home cinema and surround sound formats, including Dolby Pro Logic IIx, DTS 96/24 and via Audionets HighBit interface even DVD-Audio and SACD. This makes it possible to drive up to 7.1 channels. The unique delay-, speaker- and bass-management is freely adjustable in all parameters. So, every speaker ensemble can be configured exactly. The high-performance digital parametric equalizer of the MAP I corrects disturbances caused by your listening room. Audionet’s “intelligent sampling technology and double-precision-bass management” guarantees the best sound performance.


MAP I Has Unique Interconnection and Update Capabilities

With its numerous interconnection and update capabilities, the MAP I can cope with any number of tasks. Just some of its features: seven digital inputs for sound processing and DVI in and outputs for video processing.

The optional progressive scan card converts interlaced video formats (e.g. from VCRs or SAT receivers) to high-quality full-frame pictures for beamers, plasma TVs etc. With the DVI option it is also possible to output this progressive video data in digital format. The controller is flashable. Updates are easy and the MAP I is always up-to-date. A USB controller and connectors are integrated for future applications. A turntable? No problem! With the high-value phono module, the MAP I can also handle this source and offers delicate sound reproduction, even in surround sound!


MAP I, Even Laities Can Set Up This A/V Preamplifier

The MAP I has a comprehensible and intuitive handling concept. In connection with the four-line display and the on-screen-menu, all necessary settings are easily configurable. The MAP I recognizes the incoming signals and automatically chooses the right decoder, rendering a manual change between the different formats obsolete. With the integrated Audionet HighBit interface, high-resolution two- or multichannel signals from DVD audio or SACD can be received and processed in digital format. This can be assumed for all settings and configurations. The MAP I has a high-performance equalizer that can effectively correct the disturbing influences of your listening room. Using Audionet’s intuitive analysis and correction software CARMA, even laymen can achieve near-professional results.


Microprocessor controlled high end audio / video preamplifier & Dolby Digital and DTS decoder.

Special Features

  • Pure analog volume control for all 8 channels
  • Discrete and extremely stable output stage
  • Intelligent sampling technology for the front channels (Front L/R) with switchable digital filters and asynchronous upsampling to 192kHz/24bit
  • Precise clock generator for the elimination of clock flank deviations (Jitter)
  • Sampling frequencies and resolution of the digital inputs: 32 kHz to 96kHz/24bit
  • Audionet HighBit-Interface with 192 kHz / 24 Bit
  • 2-channel A/D-converter for 48kHz/24bit with subsequent intelligent sampling
  • Fully automatic 7.1-decoder (DolbyDigital, DTS)
  • Double-precision bassmanager with 48bit-resolution
  • Bassmanager with free adjustable crossover frequencies and filter qualities
  • Subwoofer phase switchable
  • High-performance digital parametric equalizer
  • Lip-sync adjustable from 0 to 100ms in 0.5ms-steps
  • DVI input and output
  • Y/C-separator with digital comb filter for conversion from FBAS video to S-video
  • USB connectors
  • Mains phase detection
  • Audionet System Remote Control Harmony Ultimate One
  • A/D-conversion enables multichannel sound from two-channel sources
  • 4 line display
  • External Power Supply EPS or EPX available

Decoder & Signal Processing

Automatic format recognition

  • Dolby Digital 5.1
  • Dolby Digital EX 6.1
  • Dolby ProLogic IIx 7.1
  • DTS Digital Surround 5.1
  • DTS-ES Extended Surround Discrete 6.1
  • DTS-ES Extended Surround Matrix 6.1
  • DTS 96/24
  • DTS Neo:6
  • “Audionet D8” (Generation of 7.1 from 5.1 or 6.1)
  • Decoding of Audionet HighBit signals: DVD-Audio and SACD (all formats from 48-192 kHz, stereo and multichannel) can be received and processed in digital format using all setup-functions, e.g bassmanager, equalizer, delays etc.

 Bass manager

  • Management of up to 8 channels (loudspeakers)
  • Data processing with 48bit resolution (double precision)
  • Channels/channel-groups can selectively be driven with the full signal or across the digital frequency crossover with adjustable crossover frequencies and filter qualities
  • X-Bass: Subwoofer can be configured as additional active bass, even for single loudspeaker groups
  • Center-, Subwoofer-, Surround- and Back-Surround channels can be deactivated; signals are automatically calculated and routed to the existing speakers
  • Filter quality adjustable from 0,3 to 2,00 in 12 logarithmic steps
  • Crossover frequencies adjustable from 20 Hz to 303 Hz in 51 logarithmic steps (finer than 1/10 octave)
  • Subwoofer phase switchable

 Delay manager

  • Adjustment range: Distance Listening position <-> loudspeaker 0 m to 15 m (0” to 590”) for all channels, in 5 cm- (2”)-steps
  • Automatic calculation of the delays resulting from the distance settings
  • Subwoofer delay offset: Phase fine-tune for best impulse response (+/- 5m)

 Volume level offset

  • For C, R, LS, RS, LB, RB: -18 to +12 dB in 0,5 dB-steps
  • Subwoofer: -24 to +12 dB in 0,5 dB-steps
  • LFE Mix: -10 to 0 dB in 1 dB-steps


  • 5 MPEs (Minimum Phase Equalizer) for each Front L/R, Center, Sub
  • 3 MPEs each for LS, RS, LB, RB
  • Adjustment range for each MPE:
    • Frequency (f): 20 Hz to 20 kH, 128 logarithmic steps
    • Gain: -12 dB to +6 dB, 0,5 dB-steps
    • Quality (Q): 0,3 to 8,0, 20 logarithmic steps


Video bandwidth:

RGB / S-Video:

20 MHz

Composite Video (FBAS):

10 MHz

Input impedance:

75 Ohm

Input voltage:

max. 2 Vpp

Output impedance:

75 Ohm

Output voltage:

max. 2 Vpp

Video standard conversion:

Composite-Video to S-Video (PAL und NTSC)

With optional Progressive-Scan Card:

Composite Video to RGB (progr.) or YUV (progr.)
S-Video to RGB (progr.) or YUV (progr.)
RGB (interlaced) to RGB (progr.) or YUV (progr.)
YUV (interlaced) to RGB (progr.) or YUV (progr.)

With optional DVI-module:

All input signals to DVI-D
RGB in- or output in RGB+C, RGB+HV, RGB with sync. on green

In- and Outputs

Analogue audio inputs:

2 Pair RCA, gold plated
8-Channel input, 25pol SubD

Analogue audio outputs:

1 pair RCA Front L/R, gold plated
1 RCA Center, gold plated
1 RCA Subwoofer, gold plated
1 pair RCA Surround L/R, gold plated
1 pair RCA Back L/R, gold plated

Digital audio inputs:

3 SPDIF, RCA, gold plated
3 SPDIF, optical, TosLink
1 Audionet HighBit interface

Digital audio outputs:

1 SPDIF, RCA, gold plated, with record select function

Video inputs:

2 RCA Composite Video (FBAS)
2 Hoside S-Video (interlaced)
1 DVI digital, with Progressive Scan option analog interlaced input (YUV, RGB+C, RGB+HV or RGB with Sync. on green)

Video outputs:

1 RCA Composite Video (FBAS)
1 Hoside S-Video
1 DVI digital, with progressive scan option analog progressive output (YUV, RGB+C, RGB+HV or RGB with sync. on green)

Additional in- and outputs:

7-pin input for Audionet EPS (external power supply)
1 Audionet Link
screw for earth connection, gold plated
2 x USB (1 x USB audio, 1 x USB date)

Technical Data

Analogue input




1 – 80.000 Hz

THD + N:

100 dB @ 20 Hz to 20 kHz


112 dB @ 1kHz

Channel separation:

95 dB @ 1kHz

Max. output voltage:


Input impedance:

100 kOhm

8-channel analogue input


Front: 1 – 80.000 Hz
Others: 1 – 40.000 Hz


Front: 100 dB
Others: 90 dB


112dB @ 1kHz

Channel separation:

Front <-> Front: 95 dB(A)
Front <-> Center : 102 dB(A)
Front <-> Surround : 106 dB(A)
Front <-> Back : 106 dB(A)
Center <-> Surround : 103 dB(A)
Center <-> Back : 106 dB(A)
Surround <-> Back : 103 dB(A)

Analogue input > ADC/DAC > analogue output

Sample frequency:

48 kHz


1 – 22.000 Hz


86 dB @ 1kHz/1.8Vrms


95 dB(A)

Digital input

Sample frequency:

32 to 192 kHz

THD+N@1kHz, -60 dBFS,
Sample frequency 48 kHz:

Front: 104 dB/107 dB(A)
Center: 100 dB/103 dB(A)
Surround: 101 dB/104 dB(A)
Back: 101 dB/104 dB(A)
Sub: 109 dB/115 dB(A)

 Analogue output

Output voltage:

max. 4.2Vrms

Output impedance:

33 Ohm



4 x 26 characters vacuum-fluorescence-display – on-screen display (OSD)


120V or 230 V, 50/60 Hz


width 430 mm
height 70 mm
depth 310 mm


8 kg


Front panel:

Brushed aluminium, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, silver anodized, black printing


Red or blue


Brushed aluminium, 2 mm, black anodized


Sheet steel, 2 mm, black varnished

Video Germany:

“The Audionet MAP I causes a sensation: Such an excellent sounding av preamplifier for that price hasn’t been around yet – even HiFi-addicts will be highly pleased with him.”


Area DVD

“[…] the combination of such a sound and the perfect methods for adapting to the available space and loudspeaker used is not to be found amongst any other product either present or planned […] The MAP I is truly a masterpiece; the greatest acoustic sensation since records began. […] providing the best-sounding surround sound stage
available for under 5.000 Euros. This is truly the best value for money amongst all the high end devices on offer.”



“[…] the MAP I is a HIGH-END decoder of the best type available at a sensational price. […] Our congratulations!”



“The Audionet MAP I makes the sensation perfect: there has never been such a good sounding AV preamplifier available at this price – even the most difficult-to satisfy hi-fi fans are more than happy.”



“Something of which Audionet can be deservedly proud: the first sound with such conviction that we had no choice but to give top marks. ‘Made in Germany’ can compete with the best in the world. A German hi-fi craftsman has become the top choice for audiovision.”

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