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The Magnificent Seven

The powerful AMP VII unites up to 7 high performance output stages in just one case. The maximum configuration enables you to run even the very latest 7.1 home cinema setups.


58 Kilograms of Concentrated Power

At 58 kilograms, the equivalent of a tae kwon do fly-weight. When you set up our power amplifier AMP VII you’re just going to shake your head. This amplifier certainly has nothing to do with a fly weight but a lot to do with pure and bundled power. Each of the maximal seven toroid-core transformers performs with 650 VA, and the AMP VII needs to be connected via two power cords. The AMP VII displays its champion qualities in terms of the sound. Whoever experiences it will be seriously impressed.

The AMP VII has a modular set up and can be equipped with anything from four up to seven channels. Its variable set up fits any loudspeaker ensemble, even the latest 7.1 home-cinema experience. The modular setup also comes in handy, if you want to expand an already existing two or multichannel arrangement.

Yet it is not just the sheer power and stability that is captivating but the combination of the large amount of information communicated, its elaborate details and the accomplished sound purity. As a result, the AMP VII recommends itself as an audiophile partner for exclusive multichannel-music performances.

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It is fitted with state of the art Audionet ULA (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier) technology, which has received not only world-wide attention but a number of awards. Originally invented for the purposes of medical engineering, this highly complex circuit topology provides cutting-edge, measuring-technical results. Signal impurity remains below detectable levels even under the most strenuous of circumstances, whilst its outstanding feedback damping ensures that the loudspeakers perform at full capacity.


The Cream of the Crop

Every sound-critical point in the AMP VII is fitted exclusively with the finest components procurable worldwide, many of which are custom-made for Audionet. For instance, the filter capacitors are manufactured according to our specifications by specialists in the USA; the bulk of our high audiograde electrolyte capacitors with a silk dielectric comes from a Japanese audio manufacturer. We rely on mica capacitors, insert selected high voltage foil capacitors, deploy high-quality silver-gold alloys for our internal wiring and use the very best connector systems available from the Essen-based firm WBT.



The AMP VII sets standards regarding linearity, reflux damping and loudspeaker control. It is magnetically and capacitatively optimized and coherently assembled as a modular multichannel amplifier. This minimizes feedback from magnetic fields and electrical interference rays, thus eliminating as many of the reciprocal influences between the amplification channels as is possible, as well as that between the input, correction and output stages.

The circuit size was radically reduced in order to optimize the high-frequency attributes. The remaining signal paths are kept to a minimum, and are free of sound-critical components such as coils, chokes or relays. All in all, distortion, interference and the damping factor has been reduced to an almost undetectable minimum. The input stages are double-differential pre-stages with monolithic dual FETs. Their gain-bandwidth product exceeds one Gigahertz and is decoupled from the power stages by double-strapping. Each output stage has two power MOSFETs.

The bias current is actively controlled and supplied by a 650 VA toroid-core transformer and high-speed, impulse-stable high-current capacitors with a filtering capacity totalling 50,000 uF. Distortions are compensated locally by a real-time correction stage. The voltages are smoothed as rapidly as possible by optimized discrete MOSFET regulators. A microprocessor-controlled unit with separate power supply monitors DC, HF, temperature and overload. If necessary, it disconnects the AMP VII from the mains supply, thus ensuring absolute operating safety.


Modular microprocessor controlled 7-channel power amplifier .


Special Features

  • From 4 up to 7 channels
  • Audionet ULA technology (Ultra-Linear-Amplifier)
  • Magnetically and capacitatively optimized construction
  • Signal paths are kept to a minimum
  • No capacitors and electromechanical components in the signal path
  • Toroid transformer with 650 VA per channel
  • Impulse-stable high-current capacitors with filtering capacity totalling 50,000 uF
  • Discrete, extremely fast and stable driver and output stages
  • Automatic mains phase detection
  • Large-size, two-line VDF-display
  • Screen saver
  • Remote activation over Audionet Link (optical waveguide)
  • Microprocessor unit controls all functions and permanently monitors DC, HF, temperature and overload


In- and Outputs

Audio inputs (per channel):

1 WBT RCA line, gold-plated, teflon insulated
1 Neutrik XLR, gold-plated

Loudspeaker outputs (per channel):

1 pair WBT 4mm-jacks, gold-plated

Remote activation:

1 Audionet Link, optical

Technical Data

Output (per channel):

150 W into 8 ohms
250 W into 4 ohms
360 W into 2 ohms

Filtering capacity (per channel):

50,000 uF

Frequency Response:

2 – 300,000 Hz (-3 dB)

THD + N:

> 107 dB (25 Watts / 4 ohms)


122 dB (A weighted)

Power Consumption:

120 W typ., max. 3500 W

Mains connection:

2 x 120V or 2 x 230 V, 50…60 Hz


width 430 mm
height 196 mm
depth 430 mm


58 kg (equipped with 7 channels)


Front panel:

Brushed aluminium, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, silver anodized, black printing


Red or blue


Brushed aluminium, 6 mm, black anodised

Area DVD Germany

“[…] the Amp VII offers such an acoustic experience, that the AMP VII isn’t satisfied with just being best of the class. No, he literally de-moralises his opponents. The AMP VII is one of the few machines, where the extreme complex technical components (a consistent mono-amplifier setup with individual transformators, etc.) dirrectly lead to a superior sound reproduction. The absolute authentic, vivid reproduction makes the AMP VII not just the ideal partner for owners of the MAP V2 but obviously also for owners of the MAP I, who want to have a greater sound experience.”

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