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Connect Your Home-Cinema

The new Audionet 3-channel high performance power amplifier caters to connoisseurs of music wanting to transform a tried-and-trusted stereo system into a high quality home cinema.

With its three amplification channels, the AMP III is specially designed to steer centre and rear speakers, enabling the amplification provided by any stereo system to be expanded into a five-channel home cinema and music system. The AMP III combines outstanding performance and inimitable sound qualities with extremely compact dimensions. Delivering a quality rare to the market, it represents an ideal home-cinema solution overcoming space restrictions, and above all, offering highly convincing sound.


Enjoy the Show

The AMP III obediently masters any given task captivating listeners with breathtaking authenticity. The sound is fast, gripping and alert, fundamentally honest yet full of delicacy, grace and restraint. Coupled with an infectious sense of joy, these attributes add up to an astoundingly realistic sound and cinema experience.

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The AMP III represents the pinnacle of Audionet’s award-winning amplifier technology. In AMP III – as with all our mono and stereo output stages – we have coherently implemented the ultra-linear Audionet amplifier concept. The circuitry was designed to ensure exemplary freedom from distortion, as well as speed and stability.


Exclusive Components

The AMP III uses only high-quality components like high audiograde electrolyte capacitors with a silk dielectric, hand-picked high-voltage foil capacitors and internal signal wiring of a superb silver/gold alloy.



The setup enables the three channels to function separately to the maximum possible extent. Sound-impairing amplifier influences are almost undetectable virtually immeasurable and superb playback stability is guaranteed.



The AMP III is monitored and controlled by a processor ensuring ease of operation, nerve-soothing reliability, and even connection to the mains power in correct phase sequence. Need we mention that the AMP III can also be remote activated by our fibreglass based Audionet-Link?

The AMP III exemplifies our authentic modus operandi: a high-class home-cinema extension for stereo amplifiers. Made and designed with audiophile passion in Bochum, Germany.


Microprocessor controlled 3-channel power amplifier.


Special Features

  • 3-channel power amplifier
  • Compact dimensions
  • Discrete, extremely fast and stable driver and output stages
  • Completely DC-coupled, no capacitors in the signal path, AC-coupling by active DC-servo
  • Microcontroller-monitored protection circuit for HF, DC, overtemperature and overload
  • Remote activation over Audionet Link (optical waveguide)
  • Automatic mains phase recognition


In- and Outputs

Audio inputs:

3 RCA line, gold-plated, teflon insulated

Loudspeaker outputs:

3 pair WBT 4mm-jacks, gold-plated

Remote activation:

2 Audionet Links, optical (in- and output)

Technical Data


3 x 100 W @ 8 Ohm
3 x 190 W @ 4 Ohm

Filtering capacity:

96,000 uF

Frequency Response:

2 – 300,000 Hz (-3 dB)

Damping Factor:

> 2000 from 10 Hz to 10 kHz

Channel Separation:

> 100 dB @ 1 kHz

Harmonic Spectrum:

k2 typ. -110 dB (25 Watt @ 4 Ohm)
k3 typ. -110 dB (25 Watt @ 4 Ohm)

THD + N:

<- 100 dB (25 Watt @ 4 Ohm)


120 dB (A weightend)

Input Impedance:

37 kOhm, 150 pF

Power Consumption:

max. 700 W

Mains connection:

120 or 230 V, 50…60 Hz


width 430 mm
height 110 mm
depth 360 mm


17 kg


Front panel:

Brushed aluminium, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, silver anodized, black printing


Red or blue


Brushed aluminium, black anodised


Sheet steel, black varnished

Audiophile Germany


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