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Upgrading any Device

The EPS G2 represents a serious scientific breakthrough for music lovers who want to vastly enhance the performance of their already existing devices.

The EPS G2 produces clearly audible improvement in terms of stability, calmness, spatiality and tonal pureness. Music is reproduced with greater naturalness, clearer expression and in a brighter quality. Its straight design visually fits in every configuration.

Why does an external power supply represent such an improvement? The properties of active circuits are highly dependent on their supply voltages. Devices designed for the reproduction of music are very sensitive to any kind of external supply variations. As a voltage source, the EPS G2 offers extremely precise and load-independent supply voltages. With these properties, EPS G2 comes close to an ideal voltage source without accepting the disadvantages of accumulators.

The EPS G2 achieves effective decoupling of all harmful influences from the public power supply system. The EPS G2 is fed by a constant, low-noise source usually used in laboratory environments. This precise constant voltage supply will really make the decisive difference to the performance of your devices.

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bsolute Control

The EPS G2 is built up as a high-precision constant voltage source. The chassis and circuit design are magnetically and capacitatively optimized. The circuit board layout minimizes loss from oversized current paths and earths the current flow.

The arrangement of the toroid core transformers minimizes the influence of magnetic disturbances. The voltage supply is managed by two 100 VA ring toroid transformers that are each responsible for one half-wave. The capacity of the fast and impulse-stable high current capacitors is 260,000 uF. Only Schottky-diodes with extremely fast switching times are used. A highly constant and low-noise laboratory source serves as voltage reference.


Low Noise?

In an additional stage high-precision operational amplifiers smooth the reference voltage once again and eliminate the remaining noise. The voltage regulators are built up as discrete and very fast MOSFET regulators. Their output voltage is constant and load-independent up to highest frequencies.

The EPS G2 therefore is the ideal power supply for connected Audionet devices.



The EPS G2 is an external precision power supply & conditioner for Audionet electronic gear with a 5- or 7-pole socket. It is compatible with the following Audionet products:


  • ART G3, ART G2
  • VIP G3, VIP G2
  • CAT


  • PRE I G3, PRE I G2
  • MAP I, MAP V2 und MAP
  • PAM G2, PAM V2, PAM

Network Components:

  • DNA
  • DNC


External precision power supply and conditioner.


Special Features

  • 2 * 100 VA toroid core transformers
  • 260.000 μF smoothing capacity
  • Separate 10 VA transformer for digital voltages


In- and Outputs


7-pole socket for Audionet gear


IEC male power insert connector


Included in scope of supply

  • The Enhanced Power Supply EPS G2
  • One EPS G2 connection cable
  • One standard mains cord
  • The user’s manual

Technical Data

Output Voltages:

analog +24 V and – 24 V
digital +5 V

Voltage constancy:

+/- 0.01 V at 1 A

Power Consumption:

< 1 W stand-by, max. 100 W


120 V or 230 V, 50…60 Hz


width 430 mm
height 70 mm
depth 310 mm


9 kg


Front panel:

Brushed aluminium, 10mm, black anodized, light grey printing
Brushed aluminium, 10mm, silver anodized, black printing


Red or blue


Aluminium, black anodised


Sheet steel, black varnished

Stereo Times

Test together with AMP & PRE I G3

Most Wanted Components 2015 Award

“[…] These German-made electronics are superb sounding, powerfully authoritative and produce an impressive three-dimensional soundstage.”

Link to test report


Stereo Germany

“Attention: Once you have listened to the PRE I together with the EPS there is no way back. PRE I with EPS power supply advances two classes.”

“Electronic music devices react extremely sensitively to any sort of external influence. With its perfectly prepared, stable and clean energy supply, the EPS G2 precision external power supply ensures effective decoupling from the mains supply. It also provides high-precision, constant and load-independent mains supply directly
to our players and preamplifiers.”



“Even if it sounds like I am advertising for Audionet, when considering the EPS G2, the question is not whether I should buy it, but how long I can wait.”


High Fidelity Sweden

“[…] we like to emphasize that the power supply EPS brings the music reproduction to a new dimension. The music becomes more calm, relaxed and dynamic. It is hard to live without the EPS if one has tested it once.”

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