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OnWall television, 55’’ (140cm) HD 1080p, high brightness (700cd/m2), premium mirror finish, custumizable with Corian® edges finish. Supplied with back box, remote control & waterproof remote control, 12V or 24V AC adapter, splited electronic module, 1 HDMI 29 pts for SD TV 5m. long & 2 HDMI 29 pts plus low voltage cable 5meters long for HD TV, pair of speakers resistant to moisture, 5m Audio Cable.

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Suitable also for bathrooms

Very thin on wall TV with Corian® frame, this serie is very easy to install on your wall


With its deported media module, the MD3 serie is hanging in an elegant way to your wall.

This range of TV benefits a Corian® frame, aesthetically material, easy to clean.



On wall TV with deported media module | Technological upgrading** | Possible customization


• Very thin TV                                                                                                                                        • Television sets complied with the harmony and ambience

• Waterproof television sets for bathroom or spa                                                                            • Use of top-of-the-range materials (glass, aluminium, Corian)

• Latest generation flat screen                                                                                                             • Possibility custom built models (colour, size, material...)

• Waterproof remote control                                                                                                                • Cage fireproof





Suitable also for bathrooms



We take care of improving our solutions to optimize your hotel management and to reduce maintenance. AGATH propose and adapt solutions for hospitality requirement.


Developed exclusively by AGATH for hospitality solution, the Media Module MM1300 gives an easy installation for IPTV solutions

Choose the deported media module to optimize maintenance :
- Easy access to Input/Output without removing the screen
- In case on maintenance or hardware update, time is minimized and less costs
- More than 10 times quicker than over bathroom TV solution




Installation sets

Integrated set (T series)                                                                                               

Media module behind the screen for a quick integration

Deported Set (MD series)

access to Input/Output without removing the screen




AGATH Link (Brevet AGATH)

    • Control of Amino* type set-top box with water-proof AGATH remote control
    • Solution protected by a patent filed in 2009
    • Easy integration of IP television systems in bathrooms or for mirror televisions
    • Two modes of use:
                  - User mode: control of the basic TV functions (ON/OFF, Vol+/Vol- and Mute) and set-top box functions.
                  - Installer mode: control of all television functions (in order to tune the television: source, stations, brightness, etc.)

Set top box control



Included functions

RS232 control / IP control (option) :
    • Control of the main television’s functions
    • Volume control by direct value
    • Backlight control (on or off)
    • Blocking function of the remote control
    • Reading of the functions status of the TV

Infra-red relay 38 kHz :
     • Control of devices deported through the TV
     • Can be connected to a flasher at the rear of the TV in order to relay

        the emitted signal at the front of the TV

     • Example of use : control of a DVD player hidden in a cabinet

Distinct ON/OFF signals (IR) :

    • Simplification of programming with two separate infra-red signals

       to turn on and turn off the television

    • Presence on the remote control of 2 buttons for the 2 signals

Customization (options)

Customized glass size

Infra-red deport
    • Infra-red control of the television set from the rear       
    • Two separate signals ON and OFF

IP Control

Transducers :
Speaker system located at the rear of the mirror
(requires a specific size glass)


1 input HDMI (480p, 720p, 1080p - 1080p / 24p)

1 VGA Connection with sound input on stereo jack
(max. resolution : 1920 x 1080 ; 60Hz)

1 RS232 input (control TV)

1 Non amplified stereo audio output

1 Amplified stereo audio output

1 IR relay on stereo jack 3,5





Paris                                                    Paris                                                 Paris                                                    Paris 

Le Bristol                                           George V                                           Plaza Athénée                                   Shangri-La



Paris                                                   Courchevel                                         Courchevel                                        Courchevel 

Hôtel Fouquet’s                                 Le Strato                                            Cheval Blanc                                    Saint Roch



Courchevel                                         Courchevel                                         Tignes                                                Valmorel  

Les Airelles                                       Les Suites de la Potinière                Le Nevada                                         Club Med



Val d’Isère                                           Marseille                                           Crozet                                                 Cannes 

Avenue Lodge                                   Sofitel Marseille                                Jiva Hill                                             Majestic



Saint Jean Cap Ferrat                        Saint Jean de Luz                              Castelnau le Lez                                Moustiers Sainte Marie

Grand Hôtel du Cap Ferrat                Grand Hôtel                                       Domaine de Verchant                        La Bastide de Moustiers



Saint Tropez                                       Saint-Rémy-de-Provence                   Paris                                                   Lorgues

Hôtel de Paris                                    Domaine de  Valrugues                    Le Ritz Vendôme                               Château  deBerne




Roquebrune Cap-Martin                     Monaco

Monte-Carlo Beach                            Tour Odéon




Marrakech                                          Agadir                                                 Casablanca                                        Essaouira

Bab Hôtel                                           Sofitel Thalassa Sea & Spa               Sofitel Tour Blanche                          Sofitel Mogador Golf & Spa




Sofitel Tamuda Bay




Crans Montana                                   Genève

Le Crans                                            Beau Rivage




Radison Blu Plaza Hôtel




Le Caire                                             Le Caire

Sofitel Le Caire                                 Le Kempinski




Ashgabat                                            Ashgabat

Sofitel Oguzkent                                Chandebyl Hôtel



• Black aspect, contrast optimized

• Reflexion less than 5%

• Black frame behind the television

Bannière bouton

• Area without silver for good visibility of the image

• Around the image, a vanish mirror  

• Perfectly suited to the bathroom where the reflection should be perfect

Bannière bouton

• Mirror effect with a slightly blue tint.

• Once the TV turns off, it becomes invisible.
• Suitable for all rooms of the house.

Bannière bouton

• Mirror effect with a slightly bronze tint

• Once the TV turns off, it becomes invisible  

• Suitable for all rooms of the house 

Bannière bouton

• Mirror effect with a slightly vanish tint

• Complete discretion with this finish that once the TV turns off, turned into a vanish mirror

• Suitable for all rooms of the house, including the bathroom where the reflection should be perfect

Bannière bouton

• Silver mirror aspect, almost identical to a vanish mirror

• Complete discretion with this finish that once the TV turns off, turned into a vanish mirror

• Suitable for all rooms of the house, including the bathroom where the reflection should be perfect

Bannière bouton

• The ultimate mirror TV

• Screen 3 times brighter than standard screen

• No compromise between the reflection and the image quality

Bannière bouton

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