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6.5" 2-way Dual channel InCeiling frameless speaker.

Frequency Response: 55Hz-20kHz. RMS Power: 60 watts. Impedance: 4+4 ohms. Sensitivity (1w/1m): 90dB. Drive Unit Complement. Woofer: 6.5" (165mm) Kevlar woven cone with rubber suspension, 1" (25mm) 4-layer ASV coil, 18 oz magnet. Tweeter: 2x0.75" (19mm) titanium dome. Tweeter equalizer: +3dB/-3dB.Cutout dimensions: Ø 210mm. Overall dimensions: Ø 227*87mm.


This 2-way in-ceiling loudspeaker delivers powerful and clear sound.

Frameless design,grille only magnetically attaches to loudspeaker.

Unique kevlar woven woofer cone.The strength of Kevlar helps the

cone retain its shape at very high energy levels and its low mass

assures quick, accurate response. The cone’s woven surface delivers

smooth, uncolored mids. The rubber surround ensure that these

woofers will provide years of consistent, reliable performance.

Includes integrated dog-ear brackets for retrofit applications.

Supplied with magnetic round and square grilles for opition.

Stereo Zero Frame in Ceiling speaker Frameless design, grille only magnetically attaches to loudspeaker.

 6.5" Dual channel ceiling speaker

Frequency Response: 55 Hz-20 KHz

RMS Power: 60 watts

Impedance: 4+4 ohms

Sensitivity(1w/1m): 90dB

Woofer: 6.5" (165mm) Kevlar Woven cone with Rubber suspension, 1"(25mm) 4-layer ASV coil, 18 OZ magnet

Tweeter: 2*1.2" (30mm)  Titanium Dome

Tweeter equalizer: +3dB/-3dB

Cutout Dimensions: φ205 mm

Overall Dimensions: φ227*87mm

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