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Dual 5.25" 2-way InWall frameless speaker. 

Frequency Response: 65Hz-20kHz. RMS Power: 70 watts. Impedance: 8 ohms. Sensitivity (1w/1m): 90dB. Drive Unit Complement. Woofer: 2*5.25" (135mm) Kevlar woven cone with rubber suspension, 1" (25mm) ASV coil, 10 oz magnet. Tweeter: 1.42" (36mm) titanium dome. Tweeter equalizer: +3dB/-3dB. Cutout Dimensions: 364*153mm. Overall dimensions: 386*175*82mm.

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This unique 2-way, dual 5-inch in-wall loudspeaker delivers powerful and clear sound.
It may be mounted vertically or horizontally, and it's suitable for any left, center, right or surround channel.

Frameless + mag grille design,easy for clean, flush installations
The Titaninium cones with rubber surrounds can handle plenty of bass for an extended listening session, such as a house party, without producing significant distortion. The dual-woofer configuration improves clarity and intelligibility for multichannel movie soundtracks.
Includes integrated dog-ear brackets for retrofit applications.

LCR In Wall speakerUnique 2-way, dual 5-inch in-wall loudspeaker delivers powerful and clear soundFrameless + mag grille design, easy for clean, flush installations.

Dual 5.25" 2-way IN-wall speaker

Frequency Response: 65 Hz-20KHz

RMS Power: 70 watts

Impedance: 8 ohms

Sensitivity(1w/1m): 90dB

Woofer: 5.25" (135mm) Kevlar Woven cone with Rubber suspension, 1"(25mm) ASV coil, 10 OZ magnet

Tweeter: 1.42" (36mm) Titanium Dome

Tweeter equalizer: +3dB/-3dB

Cutout Dimensions: 364*153mm

Overall Dimensions: 386*175*82mm

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