Wulian WL-ZCSWLGW-D2111-01

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Dimmers & switchers
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Smart dimmer switch (One-Gang, L). Control one light, adjust the brightness of the light. Sensors like IR motion detector can link the dimmer switch to adjust the light brightness [people come, lights on; people leave, lights off]. Light sensor link the dimmer switch to save energy. Widely used in smart homes, factories, supermarkets, office buildings, hotels, egg farms. 110-240V, 50/60HZ, L-type, Standby power consumption <= 0.3W. Load type: Resistive load (incandescent lamp, halogen lamp), part of Triac dimmer. Min load: 25W, Max load: 300W. Dimensions: 86.8x87.2mm. Weight: 200g toughed glass (NW). Weight: 140g plastic (NW).

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