Kingpin Screens IES240-1:1

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Projector screens
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Kingpin Screens
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134". Remote control KP300A included.

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Electric screen    

When you need to hide a screen in the ceiling this is your natural choice. The screen will be integrated in the suspended ceiling in your home or at the office, only reviling itself when it´s time for presentations. The fiberglass fabric is all white and 240 cm high, this gives you the opportunity to use all formats and possible equipment to show your presentation, even with an old time overhead projector in the office… The casing is made of  aluminum and gives you a high quality feeling. When the bottombar goes up in the casing it covers the gap and gives you the illusion of a flat ceiling.




Our fabrics

Our different screens have different kind of screen fabric therefore we would like to inform you which fabric we use in which screen.

    Screen fabric
Crown Electric Screen  
PVC-covered glass fibre
Ellipse Electric Screen  
PVC-covered glass fibre
Velvet Frame Screen    
Premium vinyl
Lite Manual Screen       
PVC-covered polyester
Pull Up Screen             
 PVC-covered polyester
Tripod Screen               
PVC-covered polyester







PVC-covered glass fibre
Glass fibre is our best fabric for our roll-up screens. The fabric is built round a glass fibre fabric. The glass fibre is densely weaved to prevent waves to occur on the screen, the densely the fabric is the smoother the screen obtains. The screen is covered with an exclusive PVC-surface to achieve the best quality of colours. We highly recommend this screen to the consumer who believes that colours are very important. A subdued fabric with a gain at 1,0.

Premium vinyl
An updated vinyl fabric which is also elastic. This fabric has a different mixture of the vinyl that gives the screen a better contrast and colour qualities. A subdued white fabric with a black reverse and with a gain at 1,0.

PVC-covered polyester
This is the simpler fabric for our roll-up screens. The fabric is built round a polyester fabric and then covered with a PVC-surface. The PVC-covered polyester is a fabric for those who would like a simpler screen for a lower price. A white fabric with a gain at 1,0 or 1,1 depending on the model.

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